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Closing the Gap

The Closing the Gap in Student Performance Initiative was formed by the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, Catholic Charities, Buffalo Public Schools, County of Erie, and the New York State Education Department. The focus of the initiative is to establish school community partnerships in targeted schools within the Buffalo Public School District.

A school community partnership integrates health and human services into the school to address the non-academic barriers of children and their families so learning can be enhanced. This affords families better access to coordinated services that are comprehensive, family centered and family driven which will improve their quality of life and their child’s academic success.

Currently, eight schools are targeted by the initiative. School selection was based on low academic performance and students who live in neighborhoods where the interrelated problems of poverty put children at risk of school failure.

Learn more about Closing the Gap here.

Here is a current list of Closing the Gap site facilitators and schools served by the program:

Maggie Hoeltke (Site Facilitator)
School #27, Hillery Park
Principal:  Maria Miller
73 Pawnee Parkway Buffalo, NY  14210
School: 816-4770  Cell: 472-2659

Kelly Ziegler-Smith (Site Facilitator)
School #30. Frank A. Sedita Elementary
Principal:  Wanda Schoenfeld
21 Lowell Place, Buffalo 14213
SF Cell: 609-0509  School:   816-3220   

Andrea Meyers (Site Facilitator)
School #43, Lovejoy Discovery School
Principal:  Colleen Carota
161 Benzinger Street, Buffalo 14206
School: 816-3260  SF Cell: 544-0276

Jillian Miller (Site Facilitator)
School #53, Community School
Principal:  June Clark
425 S. Park Ave, Buffalo 14220 (temp)
School: 816-3330  SF Cell: 220-5957

Alisha Baggiano (Site Facilitator)
School #74, Hamlin Park Elementary
Principal:  Faye Walton
126 Donaldson Road, Buffalo 14208
Direct: 816-3497  School: 816-3490
SF Cell:  255-1309

Linda Moyer (Site Facilitator)
School #93, Southside Elementary
Principal:  Darlene Jesonowski
430 Southside Parkway, Buffalo 14210
Direct: 816-3945  School: 816-4818
SF Cell: 517-0872

Tamieka Johnson (Site Facilitator)
School #94, West Hertel Academy
Principal:  Debra Sevillian-Poles
489 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo 14207
Direct: 816-4156  School: 816-4150
SF Cell: 512-9517

Ann Marie Coric  (Site Facilitator)
School #131 @44, The Academy (9-12)
Principal: Michael Mogavero
1369 Broadway, Buffalo 14212
School: 816-3270  SF Cell: 803-9987
School #171 @40, The Academy (7-8)
Principal: Elzie Fisher
89 Claire St, Buffalo 14206
School:  816-3480  SF Cell: 803-9987

Maggie Hoeltke (Site Facilitator)
BPS #72, Lorraine Academy
Principal: Jacquelyn Bavaro-Phelan
71 Lorraine Ave, Buffalo 14220
School: 816-4809   Cell: 472-2659

Kari Cunningham (Site Facilitator)
BPS #67, Discovery School
Principal: Mary Jo Conrad
911 Abbott Road, Buffalo 14220
School: 816-4922 SF Cell: Pending

Andrea Muszynski (Site Facilitator)
BPS #206, South Park High School
Principal: Theresa Schuta
150 Southside Pkwy, Buffalo 14220
School: 816-4828  SF Cell: 880-4029

Susan Seawood
Coordinator, South Buffalo Promise Zone
66 Cazenovia Street
Buffalo, NY 14220
Cell: 864-7200

Cheri Alvarez
Coordinator, Closing the Gap
741 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY  14209
Cell:  544-2730

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