Agency Committees

COA Readiness Team

Purpose: The purpose of the COA Readiness team is to avoid last minute rushes, provide involvement and understanding to everyone so things go well, continue awareness, to assure we are COA compliant for four years, to incorporate new employees to make them understand the importance, to be up to date on the latest COA changes, and to provide efficient and effective ways of communicating about the COA.

Role of a Committee Member: You would become a subject expert in the COA standard area that you have agreed to cover (i.e. Ethic, Client Rights, Finance, etc.) so that you can be a resource for others at Catholic Charities as they maintain and prepare for accreditation.

MeetingsQuarterly for one hour, most likely at 128 Wilson Street.

Chair: Mike Venezia,, (716) 856-1450 ext. 2098.

Members: Bernie Arnesen, Tish Brady, Beverly Eagan, Joe Farrauto, Dave Gabamonte, Laura Greene, Sr. Mary McCarrick, Karen Mecozzi, Tracey Miers, Eileen Nowak, Jim Nowak, Brian O'Herron, Maria Picone, Rosa Rojas, Dennis Walczyk, Mike Venezia

Get Involved: Subject expert or become one in the COA area responsible for to get involved.

RecruitingWe will need replacements due to turnover and tenure.

MinutesMay 2015June 2015


Diversity Committee

Purpose: The mission centers on promoting and ensuring a culture and environment of diversity at Catholic Charities as an agency and among its Board of Trustees, employees and volunteers. Its purpose is to ensure that Catholic Charities fosters and implements the principles and practices of diversity, including educating staff through basic diversity training for all new employees and advanced training around specific issues of diversity for all employees.

Meetings: Bi-monthly, 3:15 p.m. (or 2:30 p.m. in the summer) at MCI Clinic, 20 Rich St., Buffalo; Wednesday of the month varies.

Chair: Rotates; open at this time.

Members: Heidi Billittier, Rose Caldwell, Beverly Eagan, Cassandra Carleton, Laura Greene, Jameleh Chatmon-Lester; Jeanette Mullen-Franklin, Wyleia Miller, Lori Ricupito, Kristen Seiz, Melissa Sommerville

Get Involved: If you are interested in contributing to and enhancing the rich and diverse culture at Catholic Charities through the efforts of our team, please contact us. You are welcome to join us for a meeting.

Recruiting: Yes; contact Rose Caldwell, or 716-218-1400 ext. 2031; or Laura Greene, or 716-877-8822 ext. 2435 or 839-4066 ext. 308.

Minutes: June 2015July 2015; December 2015; February 2016; April 2016; May 2016; June 2016; August 2016;


Eco-Squad Committee

Purpose: The Eco-Squad Committee focuses on the coordination of the recycle, reuse and conservation program.

Meetings: Quarterly.

Chair: Amy Morris,, 896-6390.

Members: Kathy Aman, Stephanie Brown, Rosa Rojas, Maria Scharing, Angel Feness, Erina Seaman-Graham, Susan Seawood, Valerie Mutka

Get Involved: Contact Amy Morris or come to a meeting, minutes are sent out to all employees.

Recruiting: Yes.

Minutes: March 2015, September 2015, January 2016



Enterprise Risk Management Committee

Purpose: The Enterprise Risk Management Committee exists to support and ensure implementation of the corporate compliance program and is a standing subcommittee of the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees. It has the general responsibility to oversee the Agency's compliance and ethics program, policies and procedures.

 -  Oversee the organization's implementation of the compliance programs, policies and procedures that are designed to respond to various compliance and regulatory risks facing Catholic Charities

 -  Assist the Audit Committee in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the organization's compliance and ethics program, and

 -  Performing other duties as directed by the Board or Audit Committee.

Meetings: No less than four times a year, currently held quarterly.

Chair: Beverly Eagan,, (716) 218-1400.

Members: Dennis Walczyk, Sr. Mary McCarrick, Tish Brady, Brian O'Herron, Meichle Latham, Karen Mecozzi, Michael Venezia, Eileen Nowak, Darrell Slisz, Joseph Farrauto, Maria Picone, Ann Brittain, Rose Caldwell, Keith Hamm, David Gabamonte, Beverly Eagan

Get Involved: Members are appointed.

Recruiting: By invitation by the Board Audit Committee based on senior role within the agency.


Human Resources Staff Development Advisory Committee

Purpose: The purpose is to assess, standardize, oversee and coordinate staff development opportunities and expectations for agency staff. To offer education and training development seminars to other current staff and outside individuals (CEUs may be available). In addition, the committee discuss human resources policies and employee issues/concerns, and make recommendation as needed.

Meetings: Every other month on the last Tuesday from 10 a.m. - Noon

Co-Chair: For HR - Joseph Farrauto,, and for Education - Gabrielle Harrington,

Members: Kathy Doeing, Gabby Harrington, Meichle Latham, Mike Venezia, Kathleen Hall, Jayne Haley, Judette Dahleiden, Angel Feness, Katie Constantino, Wendy Hickman, Joseph Farrauto, Maura Beres, Susan Seawood

Get Involved: Appointed by Human Resources

Recruiting: Recruiting only for departments that are not represented.

Minutes:  No current minutes yet


In.Com Committee

Purpose: To collaborate and share news, events and information related to the agency published in Catholic Charities Staff InfoLink, the quarterly electronic newsletter that is distributed to all employees. This is an opportunity to let staff know about new hires, agency anniversaries and exciting things happening to employees outside of work! The In.Com Committee also takes the lead on planning the Holiday Social gathering which occurs every other year.

Role of a Committee Member: Committee members serve as reporters who work to gather information and then submit articles related to news happening within their department or program. Being able to take or provide corresponding photos is helpful and provides a nice visual aspect. 

Meetings: The In.Com Committee meets quarterly, on Fridays at 9:30 a.m. at 741 Delaware Ave., Buffalo. Much of the correspondence throughout the year is via email (sending stories, swapping ideas, etc.) so there is not a large time commitment to meet in-person. 

Chair: Kaitlin Jackson,, (716) 218-1400 ext. 2032.

Members: Leslie Aprile, Mary Dalton, Kathy Doeing, Fred Heuer, Karen Kras, Meichle Latham, Tamara Quarles, Rosa Rojas, Sandy Smith, Kristy Speach

Get Involved: For anyone interested in joining the In.Com Committee, please contact Kaitlin. She can let you know when the next meeting is or any deadlines related to the upcoming issue of Staff InfoLink. 

Recruiting: Yes! We are always looking for members who want to play a part in getting news out to the agency about their department, service or program. 


PQI Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the PQI Committee is to assure a culture that promotes excellence and continual improvement and implement an agency-wide PQI framework.

The committee also:

  - Generates a "scoreboard" on strategic organizational performance measures, i.e., Organization-Wide Service Delivery & Operations Measures, Program & Client Outcomes & Outputs, Customer Satisfaction, Case Record Review Results, and Risk Management Information. The objective is to use the measures for continuous performance and quality improvement, as well as a method to communicate results to stakeholders.

 - Guides Catholic Charities in its preparation for COA reaccreditations

 - Coordinates and implements the Improvement Cycle (per PQI plan), including 2-3 agency-wide improvement projects per year, and

 - Involves all stakeholders in the PQI process with the objective of increasing stakeholder support and commitment to Catholic Charities.

Role of a Committee Member: You would have delegated authority to represent your department's concerns, issues at PQI and to communicate organizational wide concerns, issues within your department. You would also be able to use QI tools to make decisions and improvements.

Meetings: Third Tuesday of the month at 3 p.m. in the Garden Room at 128 Wilson Street.

Chair: Michael Venezia,, (716) 218-1450 ext. 2098.

Members: Meichle Latham, Marie Andersen, Andy Aprile, Bernie Arnesen, Dawn Ciao, Beverly Eagan, Angel Feness, Carolyn Kwiatkowski, Laura Green, Ken Jarosz, Sr. Mary McCarrick, Tracey Miers, Jim Nowak, Joe Farrauto, William Sukaly, Mike Venezia

Get Involved: Suggest first getting involved in Department level PQI activities and special projects. Limited size.

Minutes: March 2015; April 2015; May 2015; August 2016; September 2016;


Safety Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Safety Committee is to promote a safe environment for staff, clients, visitors, and all stakeholders through education/training programs. Assure compliance with all OSHA standards, Federal/State regulations, as well as Catholic Charities Core Policy Manual and Employee Policy and Procedures Manual. Offer safety education/training as needs are identified.

Meetings: Monthly.

Chair: David Gabamonte,, (716) 218-1400 ext. 2016.

Members: Angel Feness, Joe Borzynski, Arry Greene, Kathleen Hall, Beverly Eagan, Kelly Grimaldi, Lori Dinki, David Catalano, David Gabamonte, Mary Ann Deibel-Braun, Eileen Nowak, Renee Siepierski, Sandi Bennett, Jackie Garcia, Jamee Felt, Sherry Borsheim, William Sukaly, Jim Nowak, Jim Szwejbka

Get Involved: Consult your supervisor first, upon approval, contact David Gabamonte or Angel Feness.

Recruiting: No.

Minutes: March 2015June 2015


School Services Collaboration Team

Purpose: Sharing the mission to increase student success; Valuing the strength & synergy of "team".  Representatives of all of Catholic Charities' school-related service programs meet to exchange resources/information, collaborate and increase utilization of/partnership with one another and their services/programs, strategize ways to promote and raise awareness about Catholic Charities' school services and explore/develop uniform measurement of outcomes/output and other data.

Meetings: Quarterly (varying Tuesdays @ 9 am @ 20 Rich St.)

2017 meeting dates: February 14, May 23,  August 22, November 21

Chair: Meichle Latham,, (716) 218-1400 ext. 2012.

Members: Rose Caldwell, Laura Greene, Kathleen Hall, Jenelle Hammill, Meichle Latham, Lauren Maguire, Jackie Richter, Lori Ricupito, Susan Seawood, Jim Szwejbka, Erica Wichtowski

Get Involved: Contact Meichle Latham.

Recruiting: Anyone is welcome to attend!

Minutes: February 2015, April 2015, June 2015, August 2015, November 2015, December 2015, April 2016, May 2016, November 2016