We at Catholic Charities hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity and are committed to conducting business in accordance with all applicable laws and best practices. 

Our Compliance Plan establishes the framework for legal and corporate compliance. We are dedicated to ensuring our Board, employees, volunteers, and contractors understand the requirements of applicable laws, and they have received the training and guidance they need to carry out their duties in an effective and ethical manner.

At the core of our compliance program is a strong, well-communicated Code of Ethics which reinforces and supports our culture by building a compliance consciousness into our daily activities and operations. It is the policy of Catholic Charities to identify and promptly investigate any possibility of fraud, waste or abuse and, when appropriate, to pursue legal remedies available under the law.

Compliance and Ethics Frequently Asked Questions
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Incident Report (2010-2014)
Risk Prevention and Management 2014 Annual Report