Corporate 2016


I'm John Berger of Lawley Insurance, chair with my wife Suzanne of Corporate Appeal 2016 supporting Catholic Charities of Buffalo. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm toward our cause.

We would like to introduce you to some terrific friends of Catholic Charities you are hearing on WBEN 930 AM, WGR 550 AM, Kiss 98.5 FM, STAR 102.5 FM, WWWS 1400, ESPN1520 AM and Alt Buffalo 107.7 FM through the generosity of Lawley Insurance and these stations. As you have heard, your contribution to the 2016 Corporate Appeal creates a future for years to come.

Please make a difference for our community by donating online. Or, you can call the Corporate Division Office of Catholic Charities at (716) 218-1400 ext. 2095 to donate or request for more information. Your donation to the 2016 Appeal will protect, strengthen and empower people in need across Western New York.

Join Catholic Charities to share the good within to help those without!



"If you are looking for an organization in Buffalo that truly addresses the needs of Buffalo, Catholic Charities is your organization. It's just a very unprecedented focus on helping people, working with a potential need, creating the program and connecting people with that program. It's almost like every dollar that you give; you almost put it in the hands of someone that is receiving the benefit of Catholic Charities."


Jim Dentinger
McGuire Development Group

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"The health of our community is very important to every business in Western New York, and serving 132,000 people in need has a dramatic impact on a community. So it has an indirect impact on all the businesses that benefit from their community, so we should all give back."


Charlie Chiampou

Chiampou, Travis, Besaw and Kershner

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"We're a Buffalo based firm and proud to support a charity that serves 'our neighbors' in Western New York. Catholic Charities lives their mission everyday and we're inspired by what they do and by the people they help."


Donna Gonser, CPA

Lumsden & McCormick LLP

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"More and more Catholic Charities is relying on small business to provide them the resources they need to help those in need. When you help somebody in need, you are not just helping that person, you are helping their family, you are helping their neighborhood, you are actually helping the whole community. It affects all of us. So every donation counts." 

- Charlie Chiampou

Catholic Charities of Buffalo

We help people in need regardless of someone's religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. When you help Catholic Charities, you strengthen our community, socially and economically.

We offer hope and a fresh start to families in crisis and teens and young adults who need job skills and a high school equivalency, share resources and parenting skills with kinship caregivers, and often provide a place to turn when other doors close.

We are innovative and collaborative; we develop and encourage partnerships with other organizations for the benefit of our community.

Improving Lives

We know that businesses benefit when people have job training, education, nutrition and the support they need to succeed and become contributing community members. That's part of the everyday, emergency and comprehensive assistance we provide, and continue with your help.


Being large and comprehensive (70 programs and 61 sites) is not enough, our success is measured by program results and our efficiency.

• Last year, we impacted nearly 132,000 children, families, teens, adults and seniors.
• We helped 1,084 youth and adults obtain a high school equivalency, improve math or reading skills or gain job readiness skills.
• We received re-accreditation in 2015 from the Council on Accreditation, ensuring best practices and highest quality services of community-based social and behavioral health care services who voluntarily seek the evaluation.
• We leverage about $3 in additional funding for every dollar raised.
• Fund-raising costs are just 3.6 percent.
• We attain the highest-possible rating of four stars from Charity Navigator for transparency and sound fiscal management.
• We meet the Better Business Bureau's 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.