Guiding Principles

  1. Following the teachings of Christ and imitating the Lord, we seek to enhance the lives of individuals and families and enrich their hope, faith, love and well being.
  2. We live our mission and pursue our vision as an inclusive, community organization. Catholic Charities is welcoming in all of its dealings with people, with values firmly planted in the Catholic tradition.
  3. Respect for the human person means that we serve all people with the same high level of quality and in an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory manner. We embrace diversity and respect each individual and his/her personal beliefs.
  4. The persons and families we serve are central to the mission, and always come first. We serve people in the context of their whole lives rather than isolated situations.
  5. We act as a model of integrity. In all commitments we do what we say we will do and say what we mean.
  6. We are always on the side of those who are poor and most vulnerable. Our commitment requires that we act with compassion, human warmth and unquestioned ethical conduct.
  7. We maximize our capacity to provide direct service to our clients. We collaborate with other organizations to enhance the services we provide and deliver services beyond our capabilities.
  8. We respect and appreciate the gifts and talents of clients, employees, volunteers, and the generosity of our donors which enable us to provide services.
  9. We are committed to the personal and professional growth of employees, and make a concerted effort to help employees continuously achieve and maintain high standards. Hard work and effective performance are rewarded with further growth opportunity.