Appeal Facts

Founded in 1923, Catholic Charities of Buffalo is the most comprehensive human service provider in Western New York, reaching all eight counties with 43 professionally staffed locations. Catholic Charities serves Western New Yorkers without regard to age, race or religious affiliation.


Believing all persons are created by God, we empower individuals, children and families to achieve and maintain meaningful, healthy and productive lives. We advocate for those in need — particularly those who are poor and most vulnerable.

Basic Overview

Number of Sites: 43
Number of Programs: 51
Number of Western New Yorkers Impacted: more than 160,000
-including Children 81,524
-Adults 76,232
-Seniors 2,474
Percentage of non-Catholics served: 
*Numbers based on 2018-19 data

How Do We Serve?

  • Basic emergency assistance
  • Children: WIC nutrition assistance, and prevention and treatment of family issues
  • Counseling and mental health services for all ages
  • Educational and employment services
  • Immigration and refugee assistance
  • Parish outreach and advocacy
  • Senior services

Marks of Quality Service and Stewardship

  • Re-accredited for 4 years by the Council on Accreditation, attesting to adherence of highest national professional standards and delivery of the best quality services.
  • Has met Better Business Bureau's (BBB) 20 Standards for Charity Accountability and is a BBB Accredited Charity.
  • Continuously given a high rating from Charity Navigator, a non-profit charity evaluator, for transparency and sound fiscal management. (

Efficient Stewardship of Donor Dollars

Program Expenses:                                87.2%
Administrative Expenses:                       8.8%
Fundraising Expenses:                           3.9%

*Based on Catholic Charities' financial statements (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018).

Plus, for every dollar donated, Catholic Charities is able to leverage $3 to $4 from other funding sources.

Positioned for the Future

The agency continues to creatively partner with parents, schools, administrators, public agencies, corporations and government to bring new initiatives and cutting edge approaches to the challenges placed on individuals, families and our future.