Become a Volunteer

There are many opportunities to get involved as an Appeal volunteer.

A great place to start is to ask your pastor for the name and phone number of your Parish Appeal Chair and, if applicable, the Vice Chair. Contact them immediately to let them know you want to help Appeal 2021 succeed.

Here are some specific areas and descriptions of how you can help:

Parish Gift Division

  • Solicit all present and new members of the parish who are not in a special division, as below. To get involved, call (716) 218-1400.

Large Gift Division

  • Retain and increase both the number of donors and the monetary amount in this category ($250 and above) by 10 percent. To get involved, call (716) 218-1400.

Community Gift Division

  • Includes parish societies, local merchants, parish suppliers, fraternal organizations and religious education. The aim is to enlarge the number of donors in these groups, to maintain contact with past donors, encourage an increase, and to assist the religious education coordinator with a collection method. To get involved, call (716) 218-1400.

Expansion Committee

  • Opportunities for assisting a parish team:

New Donors

  • Make sure all parishioners, new as well as old, have a donation card (cards are printed from names supplied by your parish in early January). The parish should prepare a card for any registrants after that time.
  • Prepare cards for newly married couples, employed sons and daughters who live at home, etc.


  • Be sure all promotional material is distributed and/or displayed.
  • Make sure the person who prepares the bulletin has the supplied announcements at least two weeks in advance of date for use.
  • Add your own touch in supplying material and timely information for the bulletin, e.g. names of parish committee and what, when, how, etc.
  • Let the parish family know how they are doing and, of course, always remember to add, "Thank you for your faithful support"!

Sun Birds Seeker

  • Solicit those who take a winter vacation at Appeal time, preferably before they leave!

Lapsed Donors

  • Make contact with those who have not contributed or returned a card in several years.


  • Inspect all cards for required information. Name and address of subscriber; on pledges, see that amount of cash is duly recorded and future billing dates indicated.
  • All return envelopes should show the total gift, the amount of cash and checks, and the total of unpaid pledges.
  • Enclose the money or check in the same envelope with the subscription card.
  • Keep a running account and advise Parish Chairman of cards and monies received, reported and returned.
  • Use the computer printout as a control list.


  • Recruit sufficient workers.
  • Review all "no contact" cards.
  • Initiate a phonathon.
  • Mail a duplicate card to those who are hard to reach.