Community Health Worker Program

What is a Community Health Worker (CHW)?

The Community Health Worker strives to build bridges between the community, medical, dental and mental health care providers, and you.  Your CHW can help by taking the role of your advocate, care coordinator, health educator, outreach worker and/or navigator.

Who can enroll?

  • Anyone who lives in Erie County and needs help navigating various systems of health care
  • Any age, but focused on assisting individuals aged 18 and older.
  • No income requirements/limitations
  • Have ONE or more Chronic Health Condition (physical and/or mental health)

How can we help?

The Community Health Worker program is focused on providing individuals with the tools and support needed to become self-sufficient advocates of their own health care. Community Health Workers can:

  • Help with appointment and medication management
  • Assist individuals in becoming advocates for their own health and general well-being
  • Link individuals to necessary economic and environmental supports
  • Provide linkage to transitional services and accessing additional level of care, such as Health Home CareManagement, HARP and Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), or OPWDD
  • Work collaboratively with other providers and services such as physicians, dentists, insurance companies, schools, therapists/counselors, skill-building programs, and more
  • Act as a general support to individuals and their families
  • Help with identifying community resources and social supports

Community Health Worker vs. Health Home Care Manager

The Community Health Worker can provide services similar to Health Home Care Management to those who may benefit from these services, but may not meet all eligibility criteria for Health Home Care Management. The CHW program can also assist with referrals to Health Home Care Management programs, particularly for adults, if and when an enrolled client’s situation changes and they become eligible for Health Home Care Management.

Please see the “Referrals” page for the care coordination referral form and any accompanying documents that may be needed to confirm eligibility prior to enrollment.

For more information on CHW, please contact us at [email protected].