Catholic Charities is known for its dedicated people, outstanding performance and ethical business practices.  We can accomplish much when we all work together and strive to be our very best by following our ethical values. These values and leadership principles will carry us forward as a community leader with a strong reputation and a commitment to delivering value to all stakeholders.

Our Code of Ethics provides useful guidance for putting our values into practice in our daily work.  Each of us is required to understand and comply with this Code. The Code of Ethics should be reviewed annually and everyone is encouraged make use of our hotline and suggestions box whenever you have questions or concerns.

A Code of Ethics allows individuals to know what is expected of them as acceptable behavior. By adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, we strengthen our bonds with each other, our clients, community partners, and other stakeholders within the communities where we live and work.

Our Code of Ethics was established to guide the way to superior service and a strong committment to ethical conduct. It applies to everyone who is associated with Catholic Charities including employees, officers and members of the Board of Trustees, and we also expect all third parties with whome we contract to act in accordance with our Code of Ethics when conducting business on our behalf.

While our Code of Ethcis is designed to guide us, it can't address every issue that we may encounter. When confronted with a dilemma or unclear decision and you are not sure how to respond, please consider this model:


Catholic Charities Code of Ethics

For quick links to Catholic Charities' Code of Ethics topics, please choose from the list below:

General Standards

Billing for Services

Improper Payment or Gifts

Medical Necessity and Quality of Care and Services

Professional Practices


Conflict of Interest

Tax Exempt Status

Mandatory Reporting


Business Practices

Scope and Application of Standards to Covered Individuals