Therapists are fully trained in the MST model and supported by extensive ongoing supervision to ensure best practice and quality of service. Therapists work with four to six families at a time. Each MST team at Catholic Charities has a supervisor. Consultation is received weekly with oversight from Multisystemic Therapy Services, Inc.

MST Key Performance Indicators - Catholic Charities of Buffalo closed 206 cases for clinical reasons between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016. Of those 206 cases, two of the targets were exceeded:
Ultimate Outcomes
CC Averages
Percent of youth living at home
Percent of youth in school and/or working
Percent of youth with no new arrests

Evidenced Based

Multisystemic Therapy has been shown in rigorous, scientific, gold-standard tests to be superior to other interventions for adolescents exhibiting severe antisocial behavior. MST is highly supported by research organizations such as the U.S. Surgeon General, SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and others. It is rated a Model Plus Program under Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development. For more information, please go to and

From a Parent

This note was received by one of our therapists after working with a family:
"You cannot stand over a flower and scream 'GROW!' It needs nurturing, constant tending, sunshine and, yes, some rain in order for it to bloom into its glorious self. The MST program helps parents till the soil and prepare it for new growth. We become gardeners of change. And sometimes growth can be painful.
MST lends you the knowledge to assist the growth despite the difficulty. It gives us direct access to the possibility of change - real, true, lasting change. Most importantly, MST gave me back my hope - hope that the bridge is strong, solid and able to keep me connected. The other thing MST gave back to me is my daughter.
When I think of where we were, compared to where we are now, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness. This program not only assists parents, it rebuilds families. It is absolutely an important, vital and necessary program for parents who desperately want to reach their children before it's too late, before they become a statistic, before they lose them forever."