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Program Description

Are you a recent college graduate who is still looking for work? Are you interested in taking a year before deciding what to do next? Or maybe you're wondering if your current occupation is a wrong fit? The Catholic Charities Service Corps (CCSC) could be for you!

Based in Buffalo, the year-long program offers young adults the chance to serve low-income populations in a variety of entry-level placements. Volunteers receive housing, health insurance, transportation, and a small stipend. While using their gifts and skills to empower others, volunteers also live together in community. CCSC members stay open to four areas during their year: social justice, simplicity, community, and spirituality.

The CCSC is often described as a mix between the Peace Corps and the Real World. Many former volunteers tell us how much they learn about themselves, the causes and realities of poverty and injustice, and other people during the year.

Please learn more about the CCSC by contacting us. For a complete listing of current volunteer placements and descriptions, please click here.

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