Site Facilitator Program

The Site Facilitator Program first began in 2002 in collaboration with Catholic Charities, the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, and the Buffalo Public School District. In alignment with Buffalo Public School's Vision and Priorities, the Site Facilitator Program supports the improvement of the academic success of students in Buffalo Public Schools by addressing non-academic barriers to learning.

The Site Facilitator Program continues to operate from the Closing the Gap (CTG) model, with the Site Facilitator functioning as a liaison between home, school and community. The Site Facilitator provides leadership to the collaborative process and develops a continuum of services that is seamless for children, families, and community members with a school neighborhood.  

Site Facilitators link school-based agency providers to students and families to deliver services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic needs for families (e.g. clothing, food)
  • Tutoring and mentoring
  • Mental health services
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Parent support
  • After school and summer programming
  • Behavior and re-entry planning
  • Classroom student support
  • Peer leadership
  • Life skills development
  • Crisis intervention

As the Site Facilitator Program supports the Buffalo Public School's primary prevention strategies that center on Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) (elementary schools) and Safe & Civil (high schools), Site Facilitators serve as members of both the School-Based Management and School Leadership Teams, as well as function as the External Coach for the PBIS Team.

Supported through funding provided by OMH, United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, Department of Education and Buffalo Public Schools, the Site Facilitator Program is currently offered in the following Buffalo Public schools:

•    BPS # 67 Discovery School

•    BPS # 72 Lorraine Elementary

•    BPS # 93 Southside Elementary

•    BPS # 206 South Park High School

With appreciation for the CTG Site Facilitator Program model, the South Buffalo Promise Zone Neighborhood (SBPZN) was established in 2011. This community of five South Buffalo schools was united under the Site Facilitator Program model to share resources and information unique to the geographic community of the schools. With respect for the reputable service provided to families in the South Buffalo Promise Zone Neighborhood, the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County and Department of Education additionally invested funding (October 2015-September 2020) for full-service community school services for Southside Elementary (BPS #93) and South Park High School (BPS #206) community families.

The collaboration among the schools has allowed for large scale initiatives against bullying, easing the transition into high school, parent engagement and informational events, and has fostered inter-school collaborations among students and programs.

SBPZN Site Facilitators coordinate:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Grief counseling
  • Parenting groups
  • Prevention services
  • Skills groups
  • Basic needs
  • Linkage and referral to individual students and families.

SBPZN Site Facilitators have fostered an inter-school collaboration, affording students and families in the Promise Zone Neighborhood opportunity to access services/programs at any of the five partnering schools:

•    BPS # 67 Discovery School (OMH -funded)

•    BPS # 72 Lorraine Elementary (OMH -funded)

•    BPS # 93 Southside Elementary

•    BPS # 206 South Park High School (OMH -funded)

Contact Information

For additional information regarding either of these programs and contracting with Catholic Charities please contact Elise Pogorzelski, assistant director of School Based Services, at (716) 725-4431 or [email protected].