Immigration & Refugee Assistance

Catholic Charities of Buffalo has provided services to the immigrant and refugee populations in Western New York since Catholic Charities was established in 1923.

Our Resettlement clients arrive in the United States through the auspices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops/Migration Refugee Services (USCCB/MRS). Pre- and post-arrival services such as assistance with housing, food, clothing, employment and English Language Learners classes are provided.

Immigration services available at our site include assistance with:

  • Completion of Affidavits of Relationship or Affidavits of Support for individuals attempting to reunite with family members left behind
  • Green Card and naturalization applications
  • Travel document application
  • Citizenship classes

Individuals are accepted regardless of religious background and services are provided on a non-sectarian basis.

Resettlement services have been provided to many ethnicities, including Afghans, Amerasians, Angolans, Benadir, Bhutanese, Bosnians, Botswanans, Burmese, Burundians, Cambodians, Cameroonians, Congolese, Croatians, Cubans, Czechoslovakians, Eritreans, Ethiopians, Haitians, Hmong, Hungarians, Iranians, Iraqis, Laotians, Liberians, Nigerians, Polish, Russians, Rwandans, Serbians, Somalis, Sudanese, Togolese, Ukrainians, and Vietnamese.

We are an affiliate of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), a national leader in immigration law and citizenship efforts. CLINIC provides immigration training to our staff, as well as legal advice on specific cases or issues. We are a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognized agency with a BIA accredited representative on staff.