Parenting Programs

Incredible Years Parent Training Program

The Incredible Years Parent Training Program is a 12-week, evidenced-based program that assists families in developing nurturing and positive relationships with their children, especially for parents in need of supportive parenting guidance.

The program uses comprehensive components to educate and assist parents in the application of discipline and communication skills in a group setting. Ongoing support is offered by the group facilitators through weekly check-ins.

Free to parents referred by Erie County Department of Social Services. Child care and transportation assistance is available to clients referred through the Erie County Department of Social Services. There is a fee for parents who are not referred through Erie County, assessed on a sliding scale.  


Young Parents Program

The Young Parents Program provides education and support to pregnant and/or parenting individuals ages 12-25 residing in Erie County.

The program comprises waiting room education and home based parenting support. Prenatal, postnatal, and parenting education is offered at Mercy Comprehensive Care Center and Mercy Hospital of Buffalo OB-GYN Health Center.

The home based parenting support service is designed for first-time or young parents who need assistance in order to develop newborn and infant care skills and parenting skills before and after the child is born. A social worker will work one on one with client(s) in their home, and tailor the program to fit clients' needs. Catholic Charities also has certified lactation consultants on staff who are able to provide in home breastfeeding support.

For more information, or to register, please call (716) 896-6390.

This program is funded through a grant from the Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation and Catholic Charities.