School Intervention Service Program

Catholic Charities School Intervention Service (SIS) Program provides counseling services to families residing in the town of Amherst who are struggling in a variety of areas, including depression, anxiety, peer relationships, academics, and such family functioning issues as marital problems, custody or parenting. The program uses a family-focused approach and collaborates with schools and other service providers who are working with the family. The SIS Program offers a range of services and benefits to the family and community that the program serves.

All counselors are NYS Licensed Social Workers who have extensive training and experience in family treatment and Child and Adolescent Trauma. Counselors work closely with school personnel regarding school-related concerns and in strengthening the family-school connection. 

The SIS program, funded by various sources, is currently offered in Amherst through the office below:

Amherst SIS
3982 Main St.
Amherst, NY 14226

Contact Information

For additional information regarding School Intervention Services, and contracting with Catholic Charities, please call (716) 839-4066.