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Extending Generosity and Compassion

Catholic Charities' staff across the eight counties provides various professional services that benefit many people. The following are examples of the generosity and compassion offered to three families in Niagara County. Their names have been changed to protect their privacy.


A young couple, Bob and Luisa, was in need of help to keep their marriage intact. They had a new baby and the wife's family lived in another country. The stress of moving to a new town for Bob's job, a new baby and some differences in cultural expectations led this couple to think that perhaps they could not stay together. However, counseling services provided by Catholic Charities were able to help them work through their concerns in healthy ways and develop the communication and problem solving skills they needed for the future.

The Right Connections

A man with some mental health and learning disabilities had always lived with his parents. When they died he struggled to manage for himself. Through a neighbor he was connected with Catholic Charities. The Catholic Charities social worker was able to meet with Dave over several months. She helped him to find a variety of services and supports in his community, including medical care and case management services to help him with decision making and self-care needs.

Medical Aid

Juanetta was moving out from a domestic violence shelter. She was suffering from a serious illness and was waiting for her Medicaid to begin. However, before her Medicaid could start, she ran out of medication. Thankfully, Catholic Charities was able to provide her with two weeks' worth of medication which was able to last until her Medicaid began.