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Nowhere To Go, But Up

Roger is a single father who lost his job, the home he shared with his two children, and the majority of their belongings through a string of bad luck.  

Roger had had a good job and was able to take good care of his two children. He provided a home, their basic needs and the toys and games all kids like to have. When the company for which he worked moved out of state, he lost his job and his downward spiral began.

He felt bad when he lost his job. He felt even worse when he and his children got evicted because he couldn’t pay the rent. He hit an all-time low when most of the family’s belongings and clothing got thrown out before he had a chance to return and pack them himself. 

“I felt terrible knowing that my kids used to have enough food, a place to live and good things that kids want,” Roger said. “I felt even worse knowing I could no longer give them those things.”

He was ashamed of not being able to take care of his family but knew he couldn't let his pride stand in the way. He sought help from Catholic Charities in Dunkirk and was able to get assistance with the immediate needs of food and medicine.   

Roger was able to move his family to the South Buffalo home of his mother and learned about the Bishop Edward U. Kmiec Food Pantry and Outreach from his friend, a volunteer there. When he learned the food pantry also had some donated clothing items available for people in need, he went to see if there were items for his boys. 

He received food and some clothing for his children and himself. Staff at the pantry connected him with the Ladies of Charity which provided school clothes for one child and diapers for the other. The Ladies of Charity also gave him a Fresh Start kit and a microwave.  

“The staff and volunteers always made me feel welcomed,” Roger said. “They’re all nice and I never had any problems.”  

Roger’s luck has begun to change because of the assistance he was given and through the new job he got at a nearby hospital. He’s beginning to feel as though stability and independence are within his reach.  And, for the first time in a long time, he’s happy and hopeful.

“I want to thank Catholic Charities, the volunteers and donors for everything,” he said. “I just thank them because they helped me and my kids to stay a family!”