Gifts of Appreciated Stock/Mutual Funds 

Giving appreciated stock or mutual funds can be an especially advantageous way of supporting Catholic Charities of Buffalo. The benefits can be: 

  • The full value of your gift goes to helping those in need. 
  • You are entitled to an income tax deduction equal to the full market value of the securities. 
  • You may avoid paying capital gains tax. 
  • Donating securities is easy. 

Methods for transferring stock or mutual funds to Catholic Charities: 

For DTC ELIGIBLE Securities should be delivered as follows: 

LPL Financial 

DTC# 0075 

For credit to account titled: Catholic Charities of Buffalo NY 

Account # __4638-1290___ 

Wire Transfer Instructions: 

For CASH TRANSFERS into your Account: 

ABA #: 021000018 

Credit To: LPL Financial 

Credit Account #: 8900511524 

For Further Credit: Catholic Charities of Buffalo NY 

Account #: 4638-1290 

Checks sent via mail: 

Any checks sent should be payable to “LPL Financial fbo Catholic Charities of Buffalo NY” with the account # 4638-1290 listed in the Memo area and mailed to the following address: 

M & T Financial Services 

Attn: ISG Team/Patty Wallaitis 

285 Delaware Ave. Suite 100 

Buffalo, NY 14202 


Please call 800-724-2120 with any questions or comments.